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María José Espinosa Ruiz
María José Espinosa RuizPresident
Affected daughter and mother of three children, one of them operated paraganglioma in October 2013, with several families affected by this disease were diagnosed by Isabel Tena oncologist who explained that he had a genetic basis. He told me about the creation of this association and without hesitation offered me to work with her and to help other people like me can feel lost at some point due to ignorance of this disease.
Nuria Artola Gil
Nuria Artola Gil Vice-president
Affected family, born in the province of Castellón Alcora 19/01/1977. I met PHEiPAS through the oncologist Isabel Tena in September 2013. From the beginning I associated and linked with PHEiPAS without hesitation, for the great work it does to support patients and families affected by pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma (rare cancers called ) and to promote research so that patients have a diagnosis and treatment according to their disease.
Enrique Barreda Badal
Enrique Barreda BadalTreasurer
Family affected. I was born in Benassal (Spain) in 1955. I finished Primary Teacher studies, Pedagogy and Psychology. As an officer I taught in public schools in Castellon and Valencia. In 1989 I applied for a leave of absence to accept a proposal passed to private enterprise, particularly in the former Caja Rural Provincial de Castellón. Currently I work as a consultant to selflessly Ruralcaja Castellón Foundation, which went from 2008 until I welcomed me to a proposed voluntary early retirement in 2013.
Alejandro Barreda
Alejandro BarredaSecretary
Family affected. I grew up in Villafranca del Cid (Castellón) and moved to Valencia to study and practice as Agronomist. I believe that research and solidarity are essential parts for a society to grow and face your fears. So I’ll try to PHEiPAS grows and can help people, who like many of us at some point in life, they have felt powerless rare diseases as are the feocromicitoma and paraganglioma.
Marta Pitarch Bielsa
Marta Pitarch BielsaChair
Family affected. I was born in Castellón in 1988. After graduating in Biology at the University of Valencia, I began studies of the Master in Plant Production at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. I currently work at the Jaume I University in the group of Ecophysiology and Plant Biotechnology. PHEiPAS am part of since its inception, actively collaborating in the proposed activities. As affected part, I am very interested in investigating the origin, development and hereditary nature of the disease. I think the association represents the ideal means to publicize the disease and to carry out studies to help patients keep track and treatments.
Mar Ayllón Perera
Mar Ayllón PereraChair
Patient with metastatic paraganglioma. I was born in Seville in 1975, where I have my residence, I graduated in law and later oposite a high school teacher, I earned my place in the specialty training and career guidance. PHEiPAS for me represents hope, a company in the fight, a window open to more opportunities, a set of large caring people who tend me out, and I join PHEiPAS because I want to be that hand.
María Pilar Roca Roig
María Pilar Roca RoigChair
Family of dead patient for bladder paraganglioma at the age of 44 years. Her husband belonged to a family with several generations affected. After the death of her husband was seeking information about the disease and its possible hereditary. That was how I got in touch with Isabel Tena García oncologist, a specialist in this disease, who encouraged her and others associated with the disease, patients form this association.

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